Hidalgo County health officials address second-dose delay

Hidalgo County health officials reassured the public on Friday that those who did not receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on their due date this week because of a delay in the supply chain can still receive it, and that it will still be effective in its fight against the virus.

State officials were unable to deliver a full complement of second dose COVID-19 vaccines this week because of the inclement weather, the county said in a news release Friday. That prompted Hidalgo County officials to prioritize second dose inoculations by redistributing first dose vaccines.

“County health experts, however, acknowledged that many Hidalgo County residents did not receive their second dose either through county government distribution or through private providers because of the weather and the subsequent problems with power and water,” the release stated.

“… Residents should not worry if they are delayed in receiving their 2nd dose,” the release continued. “The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that people can go as many as 15 days beyond their scheduled 2nd dose and the COVID-19 vaccine will remain effective.”

That 15-day window is expected to give the state enough time to restore its vaccine supply chain and get the necessary second doses to Hidalgo County residents who need it, officials said, noting temperatures are expected to rise into the 70s next week.