Grupo Frontera invited to Premio Lo Nuestro awards; will miss Sombrero Fest

(Courtesy: Sombrero Festival/Facebook)

With Charro Days right around the corner, Sombrero Festival announced in a press release that Grupo Frontera has been invited to perform at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards in Miami.

“This is a huge opportunity for an up-and-coming band from the Rio Grande Valley to perform on a world stage and showcase the talent which has been nurtured in South Texas,” the release stated.

However, that means that Grupo Frontera won’t be at the Sombrero Festival.

“While it will be a disappointment for fans at the festival this year, this is undoubtedly a reason to celebrate the success and opportunity for Rio Grande Valley musicians,” the release said.

Sombrero Festival is working to fill the band’s slot and will make an announcement when an agreement is reached, according to the release.