SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Ever since Carol Plumb was a small child, she’s showcased her artistic talent and love of her scenic surroundings through paintings and drawings.

For the past year, the oil painter has been an artist of the Art Business Incubator South Padre Island’s (ABISPI) Art Business Residency Program and will be graduating this January.

At the end of this month, ABISPI is celebrating the achievements of its graduating artist with a free weekend-long solo art show at its gallery, located at 2500 Padre Blvd. Suite 1.

The exhibition is titled “Carol Plumb’s Island Collection” and will be on display from Friday, Jan. 28 through Sunday, Jan. 30.

The art series’ opening will be held on Jan. 28 from 5 to 8 p.m. The evening event will have live music and complimentary hors d’oeuvres with refreshments.

“What I’d like to do is really showcase the Island — it’s different buildings, times of day and night and colors,” Plumb said. “I love the colors out here and as a lot of people know, no two days are alike and it’s just fabulously beautiful out here on the Island.”

An artist talk will be held on Jan. 29 from 2 to 3 p.m. Visitors will join Plumb in discovering the inspiration and techniques that she uses as she walks through the thought process and style choices of her exhibition.

Plumb has been painting and showing her artwork professionally in the Rio Grande Valley for about 15 years.

Plumb’s parents were Winter Texans beginning in the early 90s and she had been visiting the area for many years before moving to Laguna Vista from Vermont in 2005.

“I love living in the Rio Grande Valley,” Plumb said. “I feel like I’ve been very fortunate and that the Valley has really welcomed me and my subject of landscape.”

Plumb has showcased her artwork in several places around the Valley, such as the McAllen Public Library and the Historic Brownsville Museum.

She is also a board member of the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art and has work displayed in several restaurants on the Island, such as Yummies Bistro and Sea Ranch.

As Plumb’s time in the Art Business Residency Program nears its end, she is feeling a mixture of sadness and happiness because this opportunity has opened many doors for her.

“I really want to make a big effort to stay in touch with the Art Business Incubator and keep track of the other artists here,” Plumb said. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to show some of my work here over the next few years and I would really very much like to still teach here.”

Upon exiting the program, Plumb plans to continue freelancing.

“Since I’m an older artist, I’d like to take advantage of being semi-retired so I won’t be starting a business, but I will be freelancing and hopefully engaging in a lot of different art activities,” Plumb said. “This has been a great program and I will miss it and our wonderful director Deanna Powell.”

Plumb encourages all artists to pursue their art, even if it’s done on the side of another career.

She also recommends finding a mentor who is encouraging.

“In a sense, when you’re young, there’s not a lot of encouragement and parents always want you to get a job that’s very secure and pays well,” Plumb said. “Just keep working and don’t get discouraged because It takes patience and time making the right connections and meeting the right people.”

Plumb advises artists to consider applying to ABISPI’s Art Business Residency Program because it will be a great experience for them to test their vision and ability as an artist.

“I would encourage anyone that’s interested in trying out their work and challenging themselves to look at the Art Business Incubator because you’re in a very top notch gallery here with different people constantly coming in at all times of year,” she said.

“We’re looking for people in 2022 and also 2023 so consider it.”

To view Carol Plumb’s artwork, visit:

>> EMAIL: [email protected]


>> INSTAGRAM: @carol_plumb_artist

>> FACEBOOK: Carol Plumb Art