Border Patrol arrest 34 following three smuggling incidents

Border Patrol agents intercepted three migrant smuggling attempts on Wednesday that resulted in the arrests of 34 individuals.

Agents stationed in Weslaco were notified that a residence there was possibly being used to harbor migrants who were not authorized to be in the United States. They were all adults except for one unaccompanied child.

That same day, agents stationed in McAllen responded to a vehicle near the city of Hidalgo that was departing the Rio Grande.

The driver of the car led agents on a chase that ended at a shopping center in McAllen where several occupants fled from the car and were apprehended by the agents. They were six Salvadoran nationals.

The suspected driver of the vehicle then continued driving north and was apprehended in a nearby neighborhood. He identified himself as a Mexican national but records later revealed he was a United States citizen.

That evening, agents stationed in McAllen were involved in another similar incident.

A group of migrants had gotten into a vehicle south of Mission. The driver and the occupants fled from the car near south Schuerback Road.

The agents apprehended the driver, an individual from Honduras, and 17 individuals from Central America and Mexico who were not authorized to be in the U.S.