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Going, coming and just passing through: Spring bird migration begins

A unique looking mockingbird came to the birdbath as I was looking out our kitchen window recently. I grabbed a photo to try to identify it. It was not a mockingbird, but a close cousin — a gray catbird. A bird I never expected to photograph because they are not permanent residents in the Rio Grande Valley.

Ocelot found dead in Hidalgo County suggests range expansion

Two nonprofit conservationist groups on Wednesday announced that an ocelot killed in Hidalgo County in 2021 has resulted in some positive news for the cat that is endangered in Texas.

Raucous laughing gulls: Timeless soundtrack for a day at the beach

A rapid series of loud ha-ha-ha-haah-haah commands attention on the beach. It’s not rowdy beachgoers enjoying a fun story, it’s the clatter of the laughing gull, so tagged because its noisy vocalization sounds like human laughter. A happy bird? Perhaps. Certainly, a gregarious one.

Master Gardener Spring Plant Sale on April 6 in San Juan

Spring has sprung! The temperatures are rising and it’s time to get some new stuff in the ground before it’s too hot.

The moon’s phases guide us

I hope you have been out walking in the evening this past week and observed the changing phase of our moon. The shadows of the maria may look like a rabbit or a face, depending on how imaginative you are. The illumination from the sun traveling to our eye here on Earth is truly awesome.

People aren’t only creatures attracted to beautiful blooms

This is a different view about one of my favorite flowers; it seems humans are not the only creatures attracted to these late winter roadside spectacles.

Birds’ world: Nests showcase eclectic architectural designs

Our resident birds will soon be busy selecting sites and building nests, creating a variety of architectural styles to suit individual species’ needs, and using an assortment of natural materials.

Cyclists working with Harlingen officials to draw children, disabled riders to trails

HARLINGEN — A cycling group is working with city leaders to draw more families and children as they plan to turn the city’s Arroyo Colorado trail system into an outdoor attraction.

Mission native receives grant to help restore Shary Heights Butterfly Garden

Like many throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Mission native Logan Dovalina found something to occupy his time. For him, that something was tending to a local butterfly garden in Mission.

City of Harlingen completing arroyo trail’s second phase

HARLINGEN — After nearly two years of delays, construction of the $1.6 million second phase of the Arroyo Colorado Hike and Bike Trail is nearing completion as officials plan to turn the city’s trail systems into a cycling destination.