Rio Grande Regional Hospital Announces Unveils New Brand Logo


Rio Grande Regional Hospital (RGRH) announced their new brand identity and launched the “CARE” logo as a part of the larger strategic planning process to unify its sister hospitals, Valley Regional Medical Center (Brownsville, Texas) and Corpus Christi Medical Center (Corpus Christi, Texas), and its reach in South Texas. The logo change is a rebranding and links all three hospitals and HCA Healthcare, the nation’s leading healthcare provider.

RGRH’s logo and identity originates from South Texas environmental and cultural influences.  The CARE symbol represents multiple facets, which represent RGRH’s complement of services, encircle the center diamond with care and nurturing. The diamond represents RGRH’s patients, who are always at the center of our commitment to the care and improvement of human life.

“I am excited about the new CARE logo for Rio Grande Regional Hospital as it connects our mission, our brand and reinforces our continuous commitment to remain principled, strong, committed and caring, said Cris Rivera, Chief Executive Officer at Rio Grande Regional Hospital.  This new logo proudly exemplifies how we put our patients first in everything we do to ensure every patient and their loved ones always receive the highest quality of care.”

In addition, RGRH will soon be celebrating 39 years of serving the Rio Grande Valley.  Since opening in 1982, Rio Grande Regional Hospital has remained committed to providing high-quality compassionate care.

As an HCA Healthcare affiliated hospital, Rio Grande Regional Hospital has the support of the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services to offer patient-centered medical care practiced with integrity and compassion.  Through the years, the hospital has remained dedicated to its mission statement, Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.