McAllen police investigating murder-suicide at Coast Asian Bistro and Bar

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McAllen police investigate the scene of a shooting at Coast Asian Bistro and Bar in the 7100 block of North 10th Street in McAllen. (Xavier Alvarez | The Monitor)

McALLEN — McAllen police responded to the Coast Asian Bistro and Bar during the Friday lunch hour after a gunman shot and killed a woman and shot another man, who is at the hospital undergoing emergency medical care, before turning the gun on himself.

In a news release, police said the deadly incident happened at 12:42 p.m. in the 7100 block of North 10th Street after a caller informed police and said “‘she heard a shot’ and female [victim] ‘is … Wong.’”

Other callers said they heard two gunshots and that one “‘male [deceased]’ and ‘female [victim] is in the office [of the establishment].’”

The man, who is undergoing emergency care, was found on the outside patio and the gunman was found outside the eatery.

Police said he shot himself with a handgun.

“Responding Officer(s) determined that the suspect engaged in a verbal dispute with female victim, then shot her and proceed outside and shot the male victim before turning gun onto himself,” the release stated.

Outside the establishment, two women, one who appeared distraught, spoke with police before leaving. One officer asked the younger woman if the older woman was her mother and she nodded.

Before they left, officers spoke to the older woman who then broke down and began to fidget with her phone, seemingly trying to contact someone. The younger woman grabbed her mother and both were let go by police, leaving in a black vehicle driven by the younger woman.

One female bystander who didn’t want to be identified said she knew the female victim as she used to be a regular patron.

She described her as a hard working yet friendly person who knew all her patrons that entered her establishment and even remembered their favorite drink.

McAllen police are investigating a murder-suicide at Coast Asian Bistro and Bar on Friday, December 8, 2023. (Joel Martinez | The Monitor)

She stated that she knew the female victim was a mother and said she felt bad for her kids.

At one point she received a phone call from a friend who also knew the owners of the Coast Asian Bistro and Bar and a waitress that worked there, seemingly confirming the death.

“So, (she) passed away?” She was overheard saying before she placed her face onto her free hand.

The victims were a husband and wife associated with the business, police said in the release.

One body wrapped in a white sheet was taken out of the establishment and placed in the back of a vehicle.

A black tarp hung vertically in the patio area in the rear area of the restaurant that obscured the vision of the bystanders nearby, some of whom work in the offices surrounding the establishment.

“Responding Officers have not determined the personal or business relationship the suspect may have with victims,” the release stated.

The investigation is active and identification is pending next of kin notification.

A black tarp obscures a dead body at Coast Asian Bistro and Bar on Friday, December 8, 2023. (Joel Martinez | The Monitor)