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TIMELINE: The long, costly history of a public corruption scheme

As two men head to trial this week over accusations they defrauded the city of Weslaco out of millions of dollars, The Monitor takes a look at the yearslong history behind the allegations.

TIMELINE: Victor Lee Alfaro’s second trial

Victor Lee Alfaro was found guilty of shooting and killing 21-year-old Reynaldo Reyes Jr. on May 4, 2016 and sentenced to 58 years in...

TIMELINE: Gabino Salinas Trial

State District Judge Rose Guerra Reyna sentenced 37-year-old Gabino Salinas to life without parole for the capital murder charge and two years for possession...

TIMELINE: Palmview H-E-B shooting trial

Raul Lopez was found guilty of murder, three counts of attempted murder, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a count...

TIMELINE: Biden and the Border Wall

If CBP has its way, 86 new miles of border barrier would wall off the entire Rio Grande Valley despite President Biden's executive order...