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TPWD urging Texans to fight back against invasive species

So they came, and they won’t leave.

Mother, kitten ocelot spotted at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

Two more ocelots have been spotted at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

Crab trap removal set for Feb. 17-26

The Texas Department of Wildlife is seeking volunteers for the annual crab trap removal project, now in its 21st year.

Master Naturalists’ training set for January

A new crop of Texas Master Naturalists will hit the books and field with the South Texas Border Chapter in January.

Quail numbers down statewide, but South Texas is best shot

Quail numbers continue to lag in the face of persistent drought conditions this year, with the South Texas Plains region probably the best option for hunters.

Texas Master Naturalist classes begin in January

Another round of training to become a Texas Master Naturalist will take place starting in January for residents of Hidalgo, Starr and Cameron counties.

TPWD unleashes new all-digital Super combo license

A new digital hunting and fishing license is now on sale that allows Super Combo license holders to digitally tag harvested turkey, deer and oversized redfish.

State to decide on expanding deer disease monitoring zones

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission will consider proposed enhanced chronic wasting disease surveillance and containment zones during its meeting later this month.

Roadrunner is newest Texas nature license plate

The latest Texas and Parks and Wildlife latest conservation license plate is a bright picture of a Texas greater roadrunner, tail and crest standing to attention.

TPWD planting monster bass in 3 Valley lakes

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department announced it will stock three Valley community fishing lakes with “retired” Florida largemouth bass that were used at a state fish hatchery.