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TCEQ sues Milwhite Inc.: Dust and noise issues have plagued neighbors

Milwhite Inc., a heavy industrial firm in Brownsville, is being sued by Texas Office of the Attorney General on behalf of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality over alleged violations of the Texas Clean Air Act.

Brownsville sues industrial firm as dust and noise plagues nearby residents

The city of Brownsville is suing a 100-year-old local heavy industrial firm after a failed six-month effort to prod the company into compliance with the city’s code of ordinances and Unified Development Code.

Texas waives severe fines after San Benito finally finishes sewer overhaul

SAN BENITO — Between 2009 to 2010, the city’s aging sewer plant was belching out a series of sewage spills along the banks of the Arroyo Colorado, sparking one of San Benito’s biggest projects in decades.