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San Benito superintendent resigns following suspension; plans to retire

SAN BENITO — Nearly three weeks after her suspension, Superintendent Theresa Servellon is resigning, planning to retire.

San Benito superintendent’s profile has been removed from district website

SAN BENITO — Two weeks after the San Benito school district’s new board of trustees suspended her, officials have pulled Superintendent Theresa Servellon’s profile from the district’s website, sparking questions surrounding her future here.

Rotary, Lions clubs volunteer at Harlingen butterfly garden

HARLINGEN — Israel Villarreal had just finished removing the weeds around the plant with its delicate white blooms.

San Benito school board places superintendent on paid leave

SAN BENITO — The San Benito school district's new board of trustees, on a 4-3 vote, suspended Superintendent Theresa Servellon Sept. 8, a year after the past school board hired her.

San Benito school board closes committee meetings

SAN BENITO — For years, the San Benito school board made its committee meetings open to the public.

San Benito school board to consider superintendent’s contract

SAN BENITO — About a year after the San Benito school district’s past school board hired Superintendent Theresa Servellon on a split vote, the new board of trustees is planning to discuss her contract.

$40 million San Benito CISD project ‘conditionally halted’

SAN BENITO — Into the fifth month of the San Benito school district’s shutdown a $40 million bond-funded project, a construction team is reviewing plans aimed at repairing support beams under two buildings’ foundations.

Social media threat at San Benito High School prompts student’s detainment

A threatening message posted on social media led to a student being detained Thursday evening and San Benito High School requiring more police presence Friday, according to a school notice to parents.

San Benito 6-year-old girl boards wrong school bus

SAN BENITO — School officials are reviewing procedures after a 6-year-old San Benito student was placed on the wrong bus before a driver found her sleeping in her seat after parking in the district’s bus barn.

Third principal since last summer takes over at San Benito High School

SAN BENITO — Since last summer, the San Benito High School principal's position has turned over three times, leading members of the school district's new board of trustees to call for stability.