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Melissa Lucio death penalty case headed back to Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

A judge on Friday signed off on an agreed order between the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office and appellate attorneys for Melissa Lucio that she did not have access to evidence that would have corroborated her story that her 2-year-old daughter died from a fall, not child abuse.

Visiting judge denies order seeking removal of other judge from hearing Melissa Lucio case

A visiting state district judge has denied a request from attorneys representing a Harlingen mother sitting on death row for killing her daughter that 138th state District Judge Gabriela “Gabby” Garcia recuse herself from hearing the case.

State: Judge Garcia should not be recused from hearing Melissa Lucio case

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office said a request asking a state judge to recuse herself from hearing a case of a Harlingen woman convicted of killing her toddler daughter does not meet the “high threshold” that would require the judge be recused.

Prosecutor subpoenas experts in Melissa Lucio case

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office is seeking to issue six subpoenas pertaining to the Melissa Lucio capital murder case, state court documents reflect.

Ruling opens door to new evidence in Melissa Lucio case

The central question to Melissa Lucio’s capital murder case is how to interpret the medical evidence.

Photo Gallery: Following stay of execution, Melissa Lucio advocates press for her release

For months, Wednesday was set to be the day in Huntsville when Texas executed the state’s first Hispanic woman on death row. Yet, following...

‘Can’t believe it’: Execution stayed, Melissa Lucio’s family rejoices as defense looks ahead

GATESVILLE — “Babe, my mom got a stay,” John Lucio said.

Melissa Lucio granted stay of execution, family celebrates

UPDATE 5:18 P.M.  Read the latest update here: https://myrgv.com/local-news/2022/04/25/cant-believe-it-execution-stayed-melissa-lucios-family-rejoices-as-defense-looks-ahead/ UPDATE 3:44 p.m. GATESVILLE — Melissa Lucio was granted a stay of execution by the Texas Court of Criminal...

As Melissa Lucio’s fate hangs in balance, prosecutors chart two different paths over death...

Days ahead of the scheduled execution of Melissa Lucio, advocates continue to pressure Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz to rescind the execution warrant.