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Raymondville school district initiative ensures employees get timely mammograms

RAYMONDVILLE — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Laguna Vista residents lament pending closure of UT Health clinic

A university-operated clinic in Laguna Vista is closing in December after five years of operation, drawing the concern of residents who say the facility filled a gap in medical care in the Laguna Madre area.

RGV families encouraged to attend first NICU reunion in four years

It may be one of the most heartwarming scenes — the sight of the medical staff who nursed babies to health while in a neonatal intensive care unit embracing and being reunited with those children and their families.

Children hospitalized in Edinburg treated to Halloween costume party

EDINBURG — Meredith Gaspar's week didn't start off as planned.

Infrared light therapy making strides in Valley muscle pain treatment

EDINBURG — Ever wanted to feel like Superman? Well, according to a professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, there is a light therapy that improves the body's recovery process by harnessing the power of sunlight without harmful ultraviolet rays.

Valley hospitals are dropping mammogram prices for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month hospital facilities across the Rio Grande Valley will be offering mammograms at discounted prices.

DHR Health participating in clinical trial for inhalable insulin

DHR Health is among the many healthcare and higher education institutions around the nation that are conducting a clinical trial that tests the effectiveness of inhalable insulin for children with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Hidalgo County sees uptick in COVID-19 activity as cases rise across Texas

By now you've heard about COVID-19 activity reemerging to some significance throughout the country. The Dallas Morning News, for instance, reported earlier this week that Runge ISD outside San Antonio closed through Tuesday after staff members began testing positive for the virus. And now the Texas Health and Human Services department has found that hospitalizations and cases have increased statewide.

Baby bump event in Edinburg to explore Valley childbirth trends

If there's a childbirth trend that sets the Rio Grande Valley apart from the rest of the country, it's that diabetes is prevalent here and can complicate pregnancies. And while you may hear about diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity often, medical experts at local healthcare institutions believe one can never be too informed.