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Jury convicts man charged with killing mother, son

A jury on Friday found a 43-year-old man accused in a crack-fueled killing of a mother and son guilty on all charges.

Co-defendant details drug-fueled killing of mother, son as case heads to jury

The autopsy photos that were shown to the jury in the trial of a man accused of killing a mother and son were so graphic that jurors took a break and a bailiff had to place a trash can next to the jury box.

Defendant seen crying after photos of victims’ bodies presented to jury

A 43-year-old man accused of murdering his friend and their mother over money was seen crying in the courtroom after crime scene photos displaying the bodies of the victims were presented to the jury.

Investigator describes crime scene in Edinburg double homicide trial

A witness testified Tuesday that they discovered a diamond ring, a handgun and drug paraphernalia inside the stolen GMC Sierra that belonged to one of the murder victims in the Edinburg double homicide trial after the main suspect was arrested.

Judge denies motion for mistrial in Edinburg double homicide

The judge overseeing the trial of man accused of a brutal murder denied a request for a mistrial after allegations that a police officer’s use of the word mugshot would taint the jury and violate the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

Mistrial considered after Edinburg officer brings up mugshot in capital murder trial

EDINBURG – Wednesday’s testimony ended in uncertainty after a witness in a 2018 capital murder trial may have possibly “tainted” the jury during his testimony.

Defense alleges victim in capital murder trial abused mother

EDINBURG — Defense attorneys in a capital murder trial here went on the offensive Tuesday, alleging that one of the victims had an abusive history toward his mother, who was paralyzed and diabetic. But multiple witnesses denied there ever being physical abuse.

Family of Edinburg murdered victims recount finding bodies on first day of testimony

EDINBURG – Prosecutors on Monday alleged that Edinburg resident Gabriel Keith Escalante, 43, murdered his friend and his friend’s mother after they were supposed to receive a $13,000 settlement for a fender bender.