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BPUB resaca fees help maintain city’s resacas

If you have noticed an extra charge on your Brownsville Public Utilities Board bill that is because a resaca fee has been added.

Brownsville remains under Stage 2 water restrictions thanks to drought

Although Brownsville has experienced a lot of rain during the last two weeks, it isn’t enough to lift the Brownsville Public Utilities Board drought contingency plan.

Committee eyes BPUB transfers: City attorney says changes could affect bond rating

A forensic audit of Brownsville Public Utility Board’s failed Tenaska power plant project, the results of which were released Oct. 5, is bringing scrutiny to a city bond ordinance that requires a certain amount of BPUB revenue to be transferred to the city to service bond debt.

Committee crunches Tenaska numbers: Finance meeting discusses BPUB transfers to city

An analysis by Brownsville Public Utilities Board Director of Finance Mike Perez, presented at an Oct. 28 BPUB finance committee meeting, provides more details of the impact on residential and commercial ratepayers of rate hikes related to the failed Tenaska Brownsville Generating Station.

Commissioners mull BPUB refunds: Tenaska reimbursement could total $40 million

A work session on refunding $29 million in Tenaska equity funds to Brownsville Public Utilities Board electric ratepayers was the top agenda item during a Brownsville City Commission special meeting on Oct. 25.

BPUB members talk reimbursement: $29 million remains in Tenaska equity fund

Just how to go about returning $29 million in Tenaska equity funds to Brownsville Public Utilities Board ratepayers was a top subject of a BPUB special meeting on Oct. 24.

Brownsville City Commission expected to approve moratorium on BPUB disconnections, late fees

The Brownsville City Commission will hold two Special Meetings Monday and Tuesday where the commission is expected to vote on a temporary moratorium that will benefit Brownsville Public Utilities Board customers.

City of Brownsville plans charter changes post Tenaska; BPUB mulls what to do with...

In addition to pursuing an accelerated 11-percent rate reduction for Brownsville Public Utilities Board ratepayers since the release of a damning audit report spotlighting BPUB management’s role in the failed Tenaska Brownsville Generating Station project, the Brownsville City Commission plans to amend the city charter to give the commission more control over how BPUB is managed.

BPUB head placed on leave: Brownsville commissioners vote for rate rollback

Among the developments since the Oct. 5 release of a forensic analysis into the failed Tenaska Brownsville Generating Station project, Brownsville Public Utilities Board Executive Director and General Manager John Bruciak has been placed on administrative leave by BPUB, while the board and the city of Brownsville are accelerating a rollback of utility rates that were raised to pay for the failed project.

BPUB announces temporary closure of a portion of Old Highway 77

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board has announced a temporary closure of a small section of Old Highway 77 behind AT&T and McDonald’s starting Wednesday...