Sharyland ISD sees no changes on board of trustees

MISSION — No new faces are coming to the Sharyland school district board of trustees as the only incumbent challenged was elected to serve another term.

Incumbent Ricky Longoria took 625 votes, winning his seat again over second-time candidate Kevin Sparks who had 369 votes. In this campaign, the incumbent said he was relying on his record with the school district rather than a traditional methods or costly advertisement or requesting contributions.

“I think running a modest campaign was the right thing to do,” Longoria said. “I think it proves that one can be successful without spending a lot of money in a campaign. Granted, I appreciate the fact that I am the incumbent and my name is probably better known just because of the role that I’ve played over the past nine years.”

For the upcoming term, Longoria said he is excited to continue working on long-term projects with the current board and district officials, who are embarking on meeting the goals of their first five-year strategic plan, which was recently developed.

“I know that the board and the leadership of the district is focused on ensuring that we execute the items within that term,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with our community and making sure that that plan is moving forward.”