San Benito CISD enhances learning relationships through technology

In the ever-evolving world of technology, San Benito Schools continues to move forward in a resourceful direction for its digital learners.

During the global health pandemic, the local learning environment took a dynamic turn by connecting students to the real world, encouraging collaboration, teaching responsibility, and supporting the different types of learners with easier accessibility to information – all through the use of technology.

“The majority of the technology implemented in the classroom is web-based, responsive, and cloud-based,” said SBCISD Instructional Technologist Eduardo Farias.

“Instructional applications no longer have to be installed since they work from a web-based browser, the responsive content adapts to any screen size and device, and all student work is saved in a cloud- based server that ensures data availability at all times,” Farias explained.

Earlier this year, the district received a $607,562 grant from the Musk Foundation after Elon Musk, CEO and SpaceX founder, donate a total of $20 million for schools in Cameron County.

“We look forward to the many exciting opportunities that this partnership will bring for our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman as he expressed his appreciation to the Musk Foundation.

The grant monies allowed the district to purchase new iPads and laptops for its classroom teachers.

“When teachers integrate technology in the classroom, they are creating an environment for students to gain 22nd century skills that will preparing them for careers that do not exist today.  Our students are navigating seamlessly through a variety of cloud-based applications such as Office 365 and Google Suites that allow them to collaborate and work together to meet classroom goals and objectives,” shared SBCISD Interim Technology Director Juan Ruben Martinez.

District and campus administrators look forward to continuing to prepare students for advanced, highly skilled, and technological fields.  They will continue to do so through the use of innovative technology.