McAllen police officer pays to fix woman’s air conditioning

The McAllen Professional Law Enforcement Association commended McAllen police Officer N. Crane on Saturday for helping a resident pay for air conditioning repairs. (Courtesy Photo)

A McAllen police officer on Saturday exemplified what it means to protect and serve.

The McAllen Professional Law Enforcement Association commended Officer N. Crane who on Saturday discovered a woman with a broken air conditioner.

The association said on Facebook that the temperature inside the woman’s house was over 100 degrees.

Crane discovered the woman’s situation after responding to a call where he learned that the recent torrential rains had damaged her electrical box.

He called AEP who told him the electrical box needed to be repaired before they could help with the power, according to the association.

“Thanks to a group of friends of his, a pair of electricians responded to help him to fix the problem and help bring power back to this citizen’s home which was fairly over 100 degrees in temperature inside already,” the association said on Facebook.

Then Crane took care of the bill.

“Thank you for your work Office Crane,” the association continued. “Your actions will be forever remembered by her.”