June Is Men’s Health Month

An Important Annual Reminder for Men and Boys to Make Good Health a Priority

Don’t Delay the Care You Need
During this important month – and throughout the year – South Texas Health System® Clinics emphasizes the importance of making preventive care a vital part of men’s everyday health.

Knowing what to look for at each stage of a man’s life is important, and many men tend to put off seeing their doctors for routine physicals and preventive screenings. Schedule your physical today and consult with your doctor on the appropriate screenings for you.

Stay Healthy at Every Age

A general outline of some of the major health concerns by age group is shown below. Your doctor can provide information tailored specifically to your needs and concerns during a regular checkup. Annual visits like these are an important way to help avoid problems in the future.

Boys ages 12-17
This is an important age to screen for medical issues, assess risk for future problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle and update vaccinations. Consult a pediatrician or qualified mental health professional if your child needs help. Some of the major health concerns of this age group include:

• Anxiety/depression
• Alcohol or drug use
• Stress
• Eating disorders

Men ages 18-39
This is also an important age to screen for medical issues, assess risk for future problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle and update vaccinations. Health concerns for this age group can include:

• Cholesterol – Screening should begin at age 35, if no known risk factors*
• Diabetes – Screening every three years starting at age 35; more frequently if risk factors*
• Sexually transmitted disease
• Testicular cancer/lymphoma/melanoma
• Tobacco use
• Alcohol use
• Anxiety/depression

Men ages 40-55
The following baseline screenings are recommended:

• Colorectal cancer – Regular screenings are now recommended beginning at age 45*

Additionally, the following health issues can be of concern to men in this age group:

• Erectile dysfunction/enlarged prostate
• Cardiovascular disease/high blood pressure
• Stress/anxiety/depression

Men ages 55 and up
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases are the leading cause of death for older Americans. If you have a personal history of any of these diseases, see your doctor or specialist regularly.

• Heart/cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
• Stroke

The following screening may also be advised:

• Prostate cancer – If you are 55 to 69, talk to your provider about being screened*

Helping to Keep You and Your Family Healthy

Ready to make wellness a priority? Put your good health at the forefront with help from South Texas Health System® Clinics’ Jeffrey Panting Crespo, MD. Dr. Crespo is a board-certified family medicine physician who provides comprehensive, compassionate care for newborns to older adults, including follow-up care after a hospital visit.

Services available include:

• Annual wellness visits
• Weight management
• Chronic disease management
• Hormonal replacement therapy
• Laboratory services
• Medication management
• Men’s health
• Physicals (annual, DOT, school, sports and travel)
• Preventive medicine, including recommended screenings
• Smoking cessation

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*The National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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