Los Indios police host BBQ

LOS INDIOS — Authorities working along the border got to know each other better over some chicken and ribs barbecue.

Police Chief Jose De La Rosa organized the barbecue Wednesday for Police Week and invited area law enforcement agencies to drop by the police department to enjoy some food.

He said the barbecue was to honor all the police officers who work alongside Los Indios police.

De La Rosa was following the adage that the best way to get to know someone is to eat with them.

“The officers were interacting with each other and talking about their experiences,” De La Rosa said. “The main thing was for these officers to get to know us, too.”

Area state troopers, Border Patrol and Customs agents who work along the border and Military Highway stopped by.

“It’s important for local law enforcement to interact with other law enforcement,” said Eddie Solis, Cameron County Constable for Precinct 5. “This was a good event.”