Massive Spectrum outage covers much of country

HARLINGEN — Spectrum internet, television and phone service continued to suffer major outages across the country Tuesday, including much of Texas.

Locally, Spectrum’s television, internet and phone service went out around 9 p.m. Sunday for many customers in the Rio Grande Valley and the outage continued into Tuesday afternoon.

And nobody knows when it might be fixed.

The website Outage Report showed a live map Tuesday afternoon showing major outages in Dallas, Houston and Austin, most of central Florida, Atlanta, Raleigh, North Carolina, Buffalo, New York, and New York City, the Chicago-Milwaukee area, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

Elsewhere, Spectrum customers in smaller cities reported being without service in dozens of other states as well.

Some customers, about 84 percent of them at Outage.Report, reported being with internet service. Another 10 percent reported internet, phone service and television all were down.

“Daily internet outages have become a norm in Irving, TX,” wrote one Spectrum customer at another website, “Internet is remaining spotty after service is restored. Talked to Spectrum and they’re not providing any definitive answers. Huge inconvenience to anyone working from home or students online. They’re expecting customers to call in which takes an hour to get to a human representative, only then will they send technicians. Worst customer service and absolutely no reliability with this network.”

“You got people working from home!!!!!!! And homeschooling!!!!!! Get this under control!!!!!,” posted another customer on the site.

“WHEN WILL INTERNET BE BACK UP IN CLEBURNE, TX 76033?,” posted another customer. “We are a business that offers internet to our guests and we’re getting complaints by the minute. SEND A STATUS UPDATE.”

On the social media website Twitter, @AskSpectrum was fielding complaints but offered no insight into what was causing the widespread outage.

As fashion model and actress Chrissy Teigen tweeted, “Hello Spectrum. Can we have our internet back please? I’ll continue to pay for it, I just would like it to work. I think that’s fair.”