Artist paints, donates part to Feeding America

Bartosz Beda, an artist who has exhibited at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, created a project where he creates one painting every day for 168 days to sell them and donate a percentage to Feeding America.

Beda is about 50 days into his project and the pieces are for sale online, where the community can see the pieces and pick their favorite one. They range from colorful cars to dark abstract portraits.

“Art should be affordable and accessible to everyone,” Beda said. “This is my way of giving back to the community.”

The project is called “Less Than or Equal To” and it’s inspired by a mathematical symbol. Beda said each painting takes approximately 15 to 60 minutes to paint and said he chose to donate to Feeding America because for each $6 the organization can provide 60 meals.

“I feel that especially in these times more of these kinds of initiatives are needed,” he said.

Deyanira Ramirez, museum executive director, said it’s important for the museum to support artists who are finding ways of giving back to the community.

“It’s important we help each other during this pandemic, us as a museum representing the arts the culture, to help artists so they can raise funds and at the same time they help those who don’t have the means to feed their families,” she said.

A view of two large oil on canvas paintings being carefully placed in the Permenant Art Collection at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art (BMFA) that were donated from Polish artist Bartosz Beda who is now based in Dallas, Texas and is raising awareness to aid in the cause to Feeding America and their mission to fight and end hunger in the U.S. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

“It’s very important for us to support this because our main mission is to support the community.”

Ramirez added the museum is working on a project where they will ask artists to donate an art piece to the museum in order for them to make an auction or sale and raise funds to continue bringing more exhibits to their installations.

She added that even though the museum will not receive any economic support from this project, it is important for them to help the community and those who need it.

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