Justice of the Peace Courts to offer amnesty

The Cameron County Justices of the Peace Courts will hold a two-week Amnesty Period on failure to appear charges.

Officials said this is a first for the county Justices of the Peace and hope to offer the program annually.

The Amnesty Period will run from June 22 through July 3. This will allow defendants to pay all outstanding fines and fees in full, and the court will waive the failure to appear charge associated with the warrant. Officials said the savings could add up to as much as $500.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all courts will encourage emails and phone calls from interested parties wishing to take advantage of the Amnesty Period.

The courts can be reached at the following numbers:

>>Justice of the Peace 1-1 Benito “Bo” Ochoa IV – (956) 943-2520

>>Justice of the Peace 2-1 Linda Salazar – (956) 544-0857

>>Justice of the Peace 2-2 Jonathan Gracia – (956) 544-0858

>>Justice of the Peace 2-3 Mary Esther Sorola – (956) 547-7068

>>Justice of the Peace 3-1 Jesus T. “Chuy” Garcia Jr. – (956) 361-4618

>>Justice of the Peace 3-2 David Garza – (956) 361-8257

>>Justice of the Peace 4-1 Juan Mendoza – (956) 233-6150

>>Justice of the Peace 5-1 Sallie Gonzalez – (956) 427-8057

>>Justice of the Peace 5-2 Eloy Cano – (956) 427-8058

>>Justice of the Peace 5-3 Mike Trejo – (956) 797-1887