Island issues recommendations for reopening

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — As Texas enters phase one of reopening today, malls, retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters are now able to operate with a 25 percent occupancy limit.

Thursday afternoon, the city of South Padre Island issued a press release that outlines recommendations to businesses that will reopen.

Businesses on the Island that will reopen are asked by the city to post its maximum occupancy certificate inside the business.

“If you need to have the occupant load calculated for your business, please contact the South Padre Island Fire Department,” the press release states. “They will calculate your maximum occupancy for you.”

Business owners can contact the fire department via email at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or by calling (956) 761-3040 or (956) 761-3830.


Retail stores and malls are advised to keep track of the number of people that enter the business and to stop allowing customers in when it reaches 25 percent occupancy.

According to the press release, suggested occupancy is one person per 200 square feet.

As patrons exit, the same number of new patrons can enter the business, the press release states.

“Please remind patrons inside, waiting in lines inside and outside or at check out to maintain 6 feet of social distancing,” the press release states. “Sanitize check out areas between customers and as often as possible surfaces that are contacted frequently such as door handles.”


Restaurants are advised to rope off, tape off, plastic wrap and/or place out of service signs on unused tables and chairs.

“You will not be allowed to add extra tables or chairs than what you had prior to shutting down,” the press release states. “This includes patios, outdoors, etc.”

Every other booth can be used and tables are suggested to be spaced 6 feet apart.

“All surfaces and items such as menus must be sanitized between customers,” the press release states.” “Do not block any exit pathways or exits.”

For restaurants that have a bar, patrons will not be allowed to sit at the bar, the press release states.

Servers may bring bar beverages to the tables.

Seating adjacent to the bar may be utilized for eating at 25 percent.

Movie theaters

All surfaces that come in contact with patrons’ hands are advised to be sanitized between shows.

“You can place signs on chairs, rope off unused rows, bag seats, etc to achieve the 25 percent maximum,” the press release states. “Ushers should sit patrons in families/groups that came together and maintain 6 feet between groups.”


No hands-on exhibits are allowed and areas that are in contact with patrons should be sanitized frequently, the press release states.

Museum personnel are advised to maintain social distancing, 25 percent capacity and to keep track of the number of people entering the building.

“As patrons exit, you can allow that same number of new patrons to enter,” the press release states. “Please remind patrons inside and waiting in lines outside or at check out to maintain 6 feet of social distancing.”

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