Representing her city: 7-year-old carries tradition of Little Miss Mercedes

MERCEDES — Elise Rocha, 7, was everywhere and seen by everyone representing the city as Little Miss Mercedes throughout the year or 2018.

The Travis Elementary student was on the Chamber of Commerce floats at all the city parades, new business ribbon cutting photo shoots, library events and more city and school functions helping lead the way to making her city better.

We caught up with Elise to talk about what it’s like being Little Miss Mercedes 2018 before passing on the responsibility to the next Little Miss Mercedes 2019 in February.

Q& A with Elise Rocha

VMS: Tell me what’s it like to be Little Miss Mercedes?

Elise: It’s an honor to represent my beloved city of Mercedes. I loved every moment of being Little Miss Mercedes.

VMS: What has been most enjoyable for you representing the city?

ELISE: Being in the parades was so much fun. My Favorite was the RGV Livestock Show parade and the Christmas Parade.

VMS: What was the most challenging thing about being Little Miss Mercedes?

ELISE: Going to the events was a lot of fun but sometimes I had to wake up really early and had to go to different events at a time. It gets tiring but I would never change anything. I still loved it!

VMS: You had a lot of responsibility; did you have to meet a lot of people?

ELISE: Yes. I had to spend a lot of time with the Chamber of Commerce Members. They always took great care of me and made sure I was comfortable at all the events. We have a lot of ribbon cuttings so I met a lot of people from the city of Mercedes and I also met our Mayor, Henry Hinojosa.

VMS: How do you feel about having to let go of your Little Miss Mercedes Crown?

ELISE: I feel proud because I have been Little Miss Mercedes for a whole year. And who ever wins Little Miss Mercedes this year I will be happy for them even though I will miss representing my city.

VMS: What was your most favorite thing about being Little Miss Mercedes?

ELISE: My favorite thing about being Little Miss Mercedes was being able to get dressed up for all the events. At most events they always had cake and I liked that a lot, too. Also, representing my City was the best because my family grew up here and I am proud to say I am from the Beautiful City of Mercedes.