Memorial Day about mourning, remembrance

I was moved to tears by Mr. Garcia’s letter of June 1, 2018; on reflections of Memorial Day. His letter was most eloquent and punctiliously written, and it was so meaningful.

As a Cold War and Vietnam Veteran myself, I can relate to his writing so very much … having seen the loss of life of our young men and women whom gave all of themselves for our Great Nation.

Yes, Memorial Day is not a day of celebration, but a day of mourning, remembrance and reflection; not a day of celebration.

I know that many out there saw it as a day of celebration … to barbecue, to go to the beach, etc.; but how many visited the graves of our military members?

How many parents took their children to the cemeteries and memorials to teach them about those who gave all to give them the freedom that they enjoy?

I hope that many people read Mr. Garcia’s letter … it strikes at the heart of all veterans, and should do so with all our citizens.

Thank you Mr. Garcia.

Dr. Ralph E. Jones, MSgt, USAF, Ret. Harlingen