Disagree wholeheartedly

In response to Mr. Perez’s letter to the community forum on June 6 (anniversary of D-day).

I couldn’t disagree more with Mr. Perez’s assertions of the president’s intent and the numerous insults.

The Paris “accord” was a bad deal for America. Costing the American taxpayers billions, sent from our treasury to the UN then distributed to the coffers of politicos and tyrants, beyond our oversight.

While the United States is singled out for restrictions, other countries (India, & China) don’t have to comply until 2030, and probably not even then.

The Paris Accords that President Trump wisely opted out of, would have cost jobs as well.

America can still be good stewards of our resources and an example for the world, but we don’t need to fund the UN globalist do nothings in the process.

In 2015 the UN framework convention on climate change – executive secretary Ms. Christiana Figueres, was quoted “The goal of environmental activism – is NOT to save the world from ecological calamity, but destroy capitalism.”

Clearly, the officials at the UN have gone off the rails and taken any science with them. As for the real science of global warming, the experts at the UN climate HQ were shone to be “changing the numbers” to fit their predetermined outcomes, (the results they needed to keep the grant money coming in), aka. “Climate-gate.”

Most recent indications show that the polar ice is not melting as predicted, that sea levels aren’t rising as predicted (Miami & Venice are “subsiding” built in swamps), and global temperatures are still within normal climate variations.

UN officials controlling the weather/climate (as if it was possible) scares me more than Mr. Gore’s dire predictions.

The idea of controlling the weather or climate is a fool’s errand, and President Trump was correct to keep our cash and dump the Paris pick-pockets.

Alan Maupin Harlingen