Commentary: Cavs or Dubs? We’ll find out eventually

The NBA got what is was looking for when both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers advanced to the Finals.

While some may not want to see Cavs-Dubs III, the fact that the matchup involves so many good storylines makes it impossible to ignore.

Will LeBron James win his fourth NBA championship and second in a row? Will Kevin Durant’s move away from Oklahoma City pay off? Will the Warriors exact revenge on the Cavs after last year’s Finals collapse?

All these questions will be answered. Eventually.

Game 1 of the series is set to begin Thursday, however, both the Cavs and Warriors have been idle for days.

Cleveland wrapped up the Eastern Conference finals this past Thursday and Golden State has been off since May 22. By the time the Finals begin they’ll have been off a whole nine days!

There is absolutely no reason why the NBA Finals couldn’t have started yesterday or even Sunday.

NBA officials say that the start of the Finals is predetermined in the event the conference finals go a full seven games. That’s understandable, but if teams wrap up things quickly there should be some flexibility to get going already.

Yes, some may argue that having extra days off is good because it allows teams more time to prepare and more time to rest injured players.

But at the same time, long breaks can ruin a team’s rhythm. Throughout the season, players become accustomed to playing every so often and when long breaks suddenly come into play, such pauses can wreak havoc.

Regardless, a whole week off before the start of the Finals is way too long to wait, especially considering how long the series will take and long ago this all began.

Game 1 is Thursday but Game 2, which is still at Golden State, isn’t until Sunday. And Game 3, which is at Cleveland, doesn’t tip off until Wednesday, June 7. Apparently the teams are driving from California to Ohio.

Keep in mind that the NBA playoff began on April 15. If the Finals go a full seven games, which they very well could, that means the entire postseason will have lasted 65 days from start to finish.

Sixty-five days to crown a champion? Tick-tock, tick-tock.