Concerned about La Feria

Dear La Feria citizens:

Our family has lived in La Feria since 1989 when we moved our young family of five to this beautiful community that we fell in love with. We were proud to be called La Ferians and Mighty Lions.

We love our city and are very concerned with what is happening with the current commission. We understand they are considering shutting down the La Feria Industrial Development Corporation.

My husband, having served on the board, is familiar with the projects the LFIDC brought in.

The LFIDC brought several of the ugliest buildings in the city and refurbished those eyesores. It also developed areas to locate new businesses in the community. Those are the real estate activities any city would welcome.

La Feria has been in the news for more than a month with concerns over missing money. Yet, the city attorney and special accountant state that they can’t say with 100 percent certainty that the money is missing.

Mr. Navarro stated in the VMS that “the money is unaccounted for and it’s possible it was spent inappropriately and that record keeping is very poor.”

Well, I guess anything is possible, just as it may be possible that with all the new faces in our city offices, they are not looking in the correct records or consulting the right people involved.

Why are they not consulting with the proper personnel who would give them the answers they are seeking instead of paying a high-priced attorney to do research?

I feel our city needs to go in a new direction, away from the bad decisions that are costing us, the taxpayers, money. The reputation La Feria worked so hard to earn, of a small quiet community, is being tarnished by gossip and misinformation.

At this point, nothing has been proven.

We should not judge a man who worked so tirelessly to better our community and let us not forget, also his hometown.

We enjoy many parks, two emergency domes, a beautiful nature center all due to Mr. Philip’s hard work and dedication. All of this was done with grant money that a city of our size would not otherwise afford.

Please help me elect three candidates; Alma Martinez, Place 3; Ignacio Garcia, Place 4; and Jessie Garcia Jr., Place 5 for La Feria City Commission. I know they will work to restore the city’s good reputation and take our community forward.

JoAnne Mireles La Feria