College students boost Island sales

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — It’s beads and beer bong season at several shops here.

While overall sales at some of the shops might be higher in the summer due to family vacations, Lili Espinoza at Mirage said she restocks the beads and beer bongs before her shift ends.

“It’s more families in the summer,” Espinoza said. “A lot of the college kids that come for Spring Break usually just come in to buy something quick.”

Espinoza and other shop and restaurant workers were mostly on the same page, stating even though numbers aren’t in yet, there has been more activity this year than last.

Gustavo Sandoval from Ocean Motion said the weather last year was poor, which didn’t bode as well for business.

But he said his shop does well, especially this year.

“People come here to have fun, so they like cool and they like funny,” Sandoval said. “We don’t charge extra for the print on the shirts. Other places do.”

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