Don’t choke on your venom

In his letter of Feb. 19, Saul Gonzales, in a fit of self-righteous indignation, launched a vitriolic attack on Jim Taylor and the GOP, stating that Southerners became Democrats after the Civil War to spite Lincoln and turned Republican when Democrats passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

The truth is that the Civil Rights bill was passed by majorities in both parties.

Moreover, the percentage of Republicans voting for the bill was greater than the percentage of Democrats. Is Saul oblivious to the fact that in the current campaign the only black Presidential candidate is Republican, and the only candidates with Spanish surnames are Republican as well, while the Democrat candidates are all white?

Does he really believe that after decades of exporting American jobs to foreign lands while admitting millions upon millions of jobless immigrants to our lands and paying for it with money created out of thin air and charged to the American taxpayer, that this process can continue without negative consequences?

Update your history book, Saul, and try not to choke on your venom.

Jack King Harlingen