LETTERS: Checking ‘issues’; Cutting corners

Checking the ‘issues’

In an opinion piece on Sept. 4, Cynthia M. Allen unjustly implies that Beto O’Rourke’s growing popularity is “rooted in ignorance” (her phrase) of his policy positions. She cites one hearsay case of a Beto supporter who didn’t realize he favored a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion.

May I suggest that Ms. Allen open Beto’s website and click on “issues” to find an admirably detailed, straightforward and comprehensive list of his positions on all the major controversies: immigration and the wall, marijuana and the war on drugs, guns, prison reform, health care, LGBT rights, veterans’ benefits, school vouchers and more — including abortion.

Exactly contrary to what Ms. Allen claims, Beto has gone out of his way to put his platform before the public, not only via his website, but also with his unique reliance on old-fashioned townhall meetings where he fields questions from the audience. Those of us who support Beto appreciate his issue-oriented approach to campaigning.

Terry Church, McAllen

Cutting corners

It was brought up this past week that the city of Edinburg is about to raise taxes due to an overwhelming debt, some $49 million. Why such a large debt, I ask? Well, I found out that the city had inherited most of this debt from the previous administration.

I feel that we can still cut corners; here is my one corner I would like to cut. Is the city paying the salaries of two federal CBP officers at the Edinburg airport, about $250,000 a year? Is that so? And will the city continue to pay for these salaries, hoping that a flight will arrive from Mexico?

I’ve heard that no one flies in internationally and the use of these officers and money is a waste of city resources. There is my cut to the city budget. I wonder if the mayor knows what’s going on?

Angela Garcia, Edinburg