LETTERS: Standing for something; Facing Politifact

Standing for something

In response to the letter to the editor on Thursday, Aug. 30: The Monitor does not have to go out of its way to portray Beto O’Rourke as a man of the people; they just have to report the truth.

Beto is a man of the people, his entire campaign is funded by the people not the influential big PACS like Ted Cruz. Beto cares about the Valley; in the last six months he has been down here several times listening to our concerns. How many times has our senator, Ted Cruz from Canada, been down here to listen to us?

When he does come down, he stays isolated and it’s only for a photo opportunity, not to hear our concerns.

You were correct, Beto did vote against the Disaster Tax Relief Bill because he didn’t feel it was a good deal for the victims, and he had already “voted for more than $90 billion in aid for Hurricane Harvey victims.”

You failed to mention that Ted Cruz voted against a $7 billion earmark to replenish FEMA for 2018, money that surely could have been used here this summer.

Beto is not pro-abortion, he is pro-choice. He believes women have a right to control their own bodies and if anyone has thrown Catholics under the bus it’s been the lack of leadership that allowed sexual abuse and abuse of power for decades.

Finally, Beto understands our Constitution that gives people the right to peacefully protest even if that is kneeling during the national anthem. As a vet I don’t feel thrown under the bus by this. I don’t like the kneel-ing but I respect their right to do it because this is a democracy and that is why I served.

Rosemarie Trejo, Weslaco

Facing Politifact

In response to Felipe Garcia, it is he who lives in a spin zone, spinning yarns with his feckless response to my letter. I fact-checked Mr. Garcia and it is you who is ranting and raving with your hilarious biological what-ifs about rewiring the male body. Well Mr. Garcia, I do no live in the what-if world as people like you often do.

I urge you and The Monitor’s readership to check Politifact Texas about the O’Rourke vote. Congressmen Vicente Gonzalez and Henry Cuellar voted in favor of the aid bill, it had been agreed that the CHIP issue would be addressed in later legislation to get it funded. So your claim is bogus as CHIP was funded through 2023, those are the facts Mr. Garcia.

Now about the unborn, you are the creator of false narratives and I quote you sir, “Ironically, people like Jake rant and rave about abortions and a child’s right to be born, yet after birth they offer nothing. The child is on its own, Jake and his lot are not there fighting for them.” You really believe this manure. The fact is, Mr. Garcia, there are adoptions and other social organizations and agencies for the unwanted children.

No, Mr. Garcia, you champion the fake news with your absurd comments. Facts are facts, and I quote from Politifact Texas about Cruz saying O’Rourke irresponsibly voted against tax relief for Hurricane Harvey victims: “We rate this claim mostly true.”

Familiar with the term eating crow, Mr. Garcia?

Jake Longoria, Mission