LETTERS: The spin on O’Rourke’s Harvey bill vote

The spin on O’Rourke’s Harvey bill vote

Jake Longoria, and his affinity to distort the facts to make everything pass the Trump smell test, gives us his latest spin.

The vote on tax relief for Harvey victims, which he chastises Beto O’Rourke and other congressmen for not backing — they being Doggett, Castro and others — is a distortion. The Harvey bill did not provide for CHIPS (health insurance for children) or for CHC community health centers. O’Rourke Doggett and Castro were trying to force amendments for these problems.

Jake fails to mention O’Rourke’s voting favorably on four bills for Harvey relief, three of which became law and provided more than $90 billion for those hit by Harvey.

For Jake, the facts don’t matter. What matters is his narrative. He rails against immigrants seeking shelter, running for their lives. Jake Longoria’s pedigree based on his name does not sound like his family came over on the Mayflower (the original invaders looking for freedom and safety).

I do not know of anyone that favors abortion. The issue is the rights of a woman and her body. I don’t favor abortion, but who am I to decide over women? If men were also biologically wired to become pregnant, there would be a wholly different tune from the Jakes of the world.

Ironically, people like Jake rant and rave about abortions and a child’s right to be born, yet after birth they offer nothing. The child is on its own, Jake and his lot are not there fighting for them.

Let’s face it Jake doesn’t care about abortions or Harvey victims. The only thing he cares about is crowing GOP and Trump. To honor this, he creates false narratives.

Are you ready, campers? Jake is “fake news!”

P.S. Can you imagine Thanksgiving at Jake’s table?

Felipe Garcia, Edinburg