LETTERS: Pharr traffic lights, fighting xenophobia

Pharr traffic lights need synchronization

As far as I can remember, the city of Pharr has the worst traffic engineers when it comes to the synchronization of the traffic lights. You get a green light only to come to a red on the next block.

The traffic light at Cage Boulevard and Ridge Road for eastbound traffic comes on for 10 seconds, then red. You will be lucky if three to four cars can pass … and that’s if the guy in front is not on his cell phone!

Where is the city getting these people that work on these lights? Travel through McAllen and you won’t see these issues. Their traffic flows as should … except in Pharr. I guess if you drive around Pharr, it won’t get you “far.” Come on city staff, work on the problem!

Robert Garcia, Pharr

Calling on rational people to fight hate

Robert Taylor is right. You did not mention that the murderer of the Iowa girl was an “illegal” immigrant. You might need to hire a white supremacist checker to make sure these oversights do not happen again. What I saw in the mention of the word immigrant was xenophobia.

Christopher Watts admitted to killing his pregnant wife, their two young children and a fetus. No one complained that none of the articles mentioned that Watts is a natural born U.S. citizen. Fear mongering is a major campaign tool of the GOP and they use it well.

The truth is not one of the tools used by the GOP to win elections. “Mollie Tibbetts’ death is being used to push debunked ideas about illegal immigration and violent crime” Study after study shows that foreign-born individuals are less likely to commit crime than natural born citizens in the United States. White supremacists commit three out of four acts of terror in the USA. These are Trump supporters.

Study after study shows that immigrant communities are safer than average. Under Trump it is those murderers and rapists from Mexico. Under George W. Bush it was those Islamic terrorists. Without bin Laden, George W. Bush would not have been reelected. Fear and bigotry is the driving force of the current conservative movement. It is time for rational people to counter the hatred of minorities.

Hank Shiver, Mission