LETTERS: President’s parade dilemma, cultural changes

President should aim for peace over parades

No Donald Trump millions-of-dollars military parade. No loss.

Let him push for a more comprehensive Veterans’ Administration, and better health and education bene-fits for veterans’ families and them.

And do stop sending the military to endless wars.

Now, those actions would best the not-yet-abandoned-for-this-year parade.

May it never occur.

While at it, establish a Department of Peace as a new cabinet position!

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville

Change is the best thing since sliced Wonder Bread

On Saturday mornings in the 1950s, my brother and I watched the Howdy Doody Show. It was about a wooden puppet named Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob and other characters that lived in a mythical old west town named Doodyville. We watched it on our small black and white TV. Boy, those were great days.

Wonder Bread, a white sliced bread, was especially advertised nationally on the show but was not available locally. We had local white bread and thus never could feel like members of the peanut gallery of kids on the show. Now that show is history and multigrain bread is progressively taking over the bread aisles everywhere.

Oh my, how the browning of bread has spread throughout the nation. Brown bread’s extra fiber and extra vitamins have always made it a healthy choice. While some folks would like to stop or reverse the progress of time, time only marches forward. We adapt and advance.

A nice crusty brown multigrain bread for any sandwich is great. Every now and then I do enjoy a bologna sandwich on white bread with red Kool-Aid and a small bag of Fritos. It was great as a kid long ago and is a nice nostalgic meal. However, multigrain bread is here and now. It is great now. It makes no sense to wish to live in a Doodyville of long ago where Wonder Bread is the norm — it was always a myth.

Our country has always had a population of various colors. Like the bread aisle, the demographic of our country has grown in the variety of shades of colors. Cruel, despicable policies implemented to stop progress and change history are painfully futile. Change is constant; adapt, folks.

The past is just that — the past. Greatness like time evolves forward. I like my multigrain bread toasted. How about you? Register to vote; then vote.

Ricardo Flores, Edinburg