LETTERS: Comfort House city funding; Bentsen families speak

Disappointed in McAllen no longer funding Comfort House

How sad to read that the city of McAllen can no longer afford to include Comfort House in their budget.

How then can you justify all types of entertainment and parades by using taxpayers’ dollars for these events, especially those that lose considerable money for which you do not allow transparency?

Comfort House is just what the name implies. It exists on donations of all kinds and loving care.

Right now they are in need of plastic bags that you bring your groceries home in. They fold them a certain way to dispose of soiled diapers. You people that plan budgets and can’t see the need for help at this facility certainly have some of your priorities mixed up.

Vi Greenwald, McAllen

Bentsen families hope for preservation of state park

In light of the articles written in our Valley’s Monitor, keeping the public aware, we the Lloyd Bentsen and Elmer Bentsen families would like to make the following statement.

The Lloyd Bentsen and Elmer Bentsen families have loved the land of the Rio Grande Valley for more than a century, which is why Lloyd and Edna Bentsen and Elmer and Marie Bentsen donated the land for the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park more than a half-century ago.

The Bentsen-RGV State Park has achieved international recognition and tremendous local value for the Rio Grande Valley that they and we have loved so much. It would be an unimaginable loss if the Bentsen-RGV State Park were to be irreparably impaired or unable to operate.

We hope and pray that our state and federal public officials can work together to find a solution that will preserve this Valley treasure.

The Lloyd Bentsen and Elmer Bentsen families, Mission