LETTERS: On McAllen PD solving bank heist, a border wall and music therapy

Grateful to McAllen PD

I wanted to take a moment to commend Chief Victor Rodriguez and the highly competent officers and detectives of the McAllen Police Department. We (Greater State Bank) recently experienced a bank robbery at our McAllen branch. The immediate response and level of professionalism exhibited by the McAllen PD personnel was superior. The thoroughness of their work was clear and evident throughout the day from the minute they responded to the bank until the perpetrator was caught later that same afternoon. In my opinion, their attention to detail, investigative skills and response time played a huge factor in promptly tracking down the individual. I am convinced that their prompt and efficient work were the primary factors for us thankfully only experiencing a nominal loss and more importantly, keeping our community safe. We’ve all seen recent statistical data that affirms that McAllen is indeed a safe place to live and do business. It is no coincidence that a highly competent police force and its leadership are significant contributors to these results. While I don’t wish this experience on anyone, the results were evident and McAllen’s citizens should continue to feel safe and secure in our great city. A huge heartfelt “thank you” to the McAllen PD — from the dispatchers who initially took our calls, to all of the officers and their leadership who were involved in this investigation.

David Salinas, president & CEO, Greater State Bank

The need for a wall

U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-El Paso, who is running for Senate, is either ignorant, or needs to be schooled in illegal activity around the Rio Grande Valley. O’Rourke visited the RGV this week and tells us that he and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, are sponsoring a bill that would provide money to hire more border personnel at ports that would help to make trips across the border quicker and safer. In a kumbaya moment, he has us visiting grandma in Matamoros and having dinner across the border, as if it were that easy. No Congressman O’Rourke, the illegal activity is not highest at the ports of entry, it is between the ports where the wall needs to be, to prevent the MS-13 gang members and other felons from entering this country. Are you so naïve to think that these criminals are going to present themselves for inspection at a land border or checkpoint? I know those photo-op trips to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge are great for meet and greets but you and Republican Cornyn need to ride along with the Border Patrol some night, or hitch a ride with the Customs and Border Protection helicopter agents to see smuggling of humans and narcotics that happen between the ports of entry. I challenge each of you to depart from the scripted hour-long tours and take an eight-hour walk in their boots and you may come away with a different point of view about the need for a wall.

Jake Longoria, Mission

Healing music therapy

It is amazing to see that people are starting to go back to the old holistic ways of healing, like music therapy, which has so many benefits. There is only so much that a prescription can do for a person, especially in times like these when some seem to be “immune” to or “rejecting” medications they are given. When all else fails give your body what it needs and sometimes that’s not medication. Some need to better their body, mind and soul. And what better way than with music? Some might think this is crazy, but when you really look at it it’s not crazy at all. Pregnant women have been playing music for their babies in the womb for decades because it stimulates the brain and puts the baby in a soothing environment.

The right kind of music can and will surround you with good energy. That can put you in a better mood and mind set. This just goes to show that going back to your roots is not always necessarily a bad thing.

Mariel De La Garza, McAllen