LETTERS: Governor defended

This is in response to the March 31 letter, “Who needs government?”

We all need some government help, but the question is how much: at what level — federal, state, local?

The writer believes the federal government should do it all. I think I should choose how to spend my money, rather than the government deciding.

He went on to list why he doesn’t like our governor. Here’s why I disagree: Gov. Abbott is constantly working to improve the situation of all residents (whether you like him or not).

In March, the governor set up Operation Lone Star to combat smuggling, narcotics movement and child endangerment. I feel our governor is working diligently for the people who are citizens here, whereas the federal government is putting non-citizens first.

The writer complains about COVID-19 in Texas but selectively avoids mentioning the recent ongoing rush over our south border with thousands of people coming through faster than they can be processed or tested for disease.

There is a new “wall” with guards in Washington, D.C., to protect our elected officials from everything! Yet, the south border is wide open without the federal government taking responsibility for the flow of people. What hypocrisy!

The feds are allowing unlimited trespass into our country and letting the taxpayers rot in the gutter and foot the bill. Gov. Abbott is striving to retain our personal freedoms. He is not sitting on his laurels, he’s fighting the fight, and I support him.

Marcia Raley, Brownsville