LETTER: Vaccine disparity

Certain school district administrators received COVID-19 vaccinations since they “assisted in community vaccinations.” The rationale was that they were going to be exposed to people outside their households or bubble.

You know who else is exposed using that same theory? Teachers! To not place the health and welfare of teachers in the same category as administrators shows just how poor the educational hierarchy has become.

Also, to place such importance on in-person testing (STAAR) and yet fail to provide the people proctoring these exams the highest level of protection is unforgivable. Please don’t list the hand sanitizer or any other personal protective equipment as a protective substitute over a vaccine.

After spending 30 years in the military the most basic concept of leadership is to take care of those you have been chosen to lead. Should you fail to do so you’ll have morale issues, stress and strife within the ranks, and reduced levels of dedication to the task at hand. Having teachers return to in-person instruction without vaccinations says volumes about how those in charge completely disregard the value of the teachers under them. This is obviously compounded by the fact that administrators were vaccinated.

After retiring from the military, I was fortunate enough to work as a teacher for 12 years before opting to retire. I still recall that as I prepared for this second career, the question often asked by professors was, “What are your biggest concerns?” Without hesitation the answer most given was “Having administration cover my back.”

So sad that the administrators weren’t in the same class to hear these fears, but again common decency should prevail in times like this.

Harry Stout Weslaco