Edinburg’s Mochi Ring Donuts full of color and flavor

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The cheesy inside of a Korean rice hot dog. (Omar Zapata | The Monitor)

EDINBURG — Looking to beat the heat and try something new this summer? Check out Mochi Ring Donuts in Edinburg which offers a variety of mochi donuts, Korean rice hot dogs, bingsoo and plenty of refreshing drinks.

Opening just in time for summer and for this edition of South Texas Flavor, it is located at 1603 West University Dr, Edinburg right next to UTRGV.

Renovating the space with neon signs and just color all around, it matches the energy that all of the colorful food options give and goes hand in hand.

Driving by almost everyday, I have been eagerly waiting for this donut shop to open. I have seen many businesses come and go on University Drive but this one is different and offers people something not too known in the region. With Valley people having a deep love for snacks and sweet treats, this is perfect for the area and will be something completely new to folks.

Trying six different flavors of mochi donuts. A Korean rice hot dog and dragon fruit green tea to get a sense of the menu, I did not try bingsoo, a Korean shaved ice dessert. It was my first meal of the day so I couldn’t just eat ice cream. (I totally could have.)

Having about eight different flavors to choose from, you could either buy a single mochi donut, half a dozen or a dozen.

I got six different flavors to try, taking a bite out of every single one like a little kid that couldn’t make up his mind. I got mango, banana, matcha, taro, oreo and strawberry which was a blast of color and taste.

The donut itself was great and had a soft and chewy texture which helped embrace the flavor of the donut.

All of them tasted wonderful but to my surprise my favorite one was the taro mochi donut. Some donuts have a stronger taste to it such as the matcha donut and some of them even came with a little item on it such as the mango mochi which came with a dehydrated piece of real mango.

I recommend getting half a dozen and trying out the different flavors yourself and or with friends. The sphere shapes on the donuts itself makes it really easy to just share with people.

I then ate the Korean rice hot dog which I think I was the most excited for since I’m a cheese lover. Not a stranger to Korean corn dogs, I kept it simple and got half mozzarella and half hot dog.

From the handful of times I have tried Korean hot dogs in different cities, some of them just have too much cheese (Maybe I’m not a cheese lover if I’m complaining about the amount of cheese.)

A Korean rice hot dog and dragon fruit green tea. (Omar Zapata | The Monitor)

But good news for people like me or people that are lactose intolerant who like to live life on the edge, this korean hot dog does not have an overwhelming amount of cheese.

Having just the right amount of chess, the corn dog was excellent with the batter being crispy and sweet.

Having 12 different combinations for the Korean hot dog, I can’t wait to try other ones , especially the ones with potatoes.

The best part of my visit to the donut shop was the dragon fruit green tea. The combustion of the two was sweet and very refreshing.

Having over 20 different drink options from milk teas, fruit teas, lemonades, smoothies and slushies, everything on the drink menu sounded refreshing.

The dragon fruit green tea or any of the options is great for this South Texas heat.

With so many different combinations on the menu, it might be overwhelming to find which ones are your favorite but I am eager to come back to the donut shop and get a whole different mixture of items.

So, if you’re a student taking summer class, living in Edinburg or driving by UTRGV, Mochi Ring Donut is perfect to chill out and to try something new with friends or family.

Mochi Ring Donuts is open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. according to Google.