LETTERS: Back-alley abortions

The question we need to ask is how many women in Texas will die having to resort to back-alley abortions. I’ve heard horror stories from my aunts and their friends of young girls they knew who had back-alley abortions. They would tell of having a hanger used on them to have the abortion done. They also would go on to say that three of their friends bled to death after having one of these illegal abortions.

This is what some of our young ladies are going to go through again. Women who want to get an abortion are going to get one, legal or not.

Gov. Abbott claims we will eliminate rape. He has been governor since 2015. Yet Texas ranks as the 15th most dangerous state for rape. When Abbott became governor in 2015 Texas had 12,208 reported rape cases. In 2019 Texas had 14,656 rape cases reported. The number of unreported cases are estimated at around 35,000.

Since the rape cases have been going up since he became governor, how does he plan to eliminate rape altogether.

Jesus Rodriguez, Elsa