LETTERS: Governing not complex

The Romans knew with their 2,000 years of experience that the governing racket isn’t complicated. All you’ve got to do is to suppress the unwashed people out of the political decisions by keeping their NFL and NBA going and the price of gasoline swallowable, and with plenty of Doritos. And the big guys will take care of the real game.

So with Tropical Storm Nicholas not even dropping a drop down my chimney my power went out for more than two hours. Silly me, I thought Gov. Abbott had taken care of that grid thing because he’s got a great smile.

Not that I’m one of those spoiled liberals who expects much; I am just one of those gullible liberals who trusts that Republicans like all Americans believe in government for the good of everybody, including us unwashed.

Not that I listen to this governor’s daily lashing out at women, immigrants and the needy, all delivered with that fetching smile, because we all know the words don’t matter, just the smile.

John Garza, McAllen