LETTERS: Afghanistan exit praised

The ordeal is finally over. We are finally out of Afghanistan. We should be celebrating the fact that we have finally ended that 20-plus year debacle!

Just like Vietnam, it was a ridiculous, needless and very expensive exercise in military adventurism. We should have learned from Vietnam, but we did not!

Maybe this time we can stop acting like we own this world, because we don’t. Maybe now we should stop being the world’s biggest “metiches.”

Thank you, President Biden, for having the moral fortitude to do what should have been done a long time ago. Biden knew it would be humiliating, but he did the right thing anyway. Give him credit for doing the right thing as bad as it looks; it had to end, and the sooner the better.

I hope we are coming out of this miserable exercise a much wiser and more humble country, a country much less inclined to engage in wars started on lies for the benefit of the military industrial complex.

Thank you, Mr. President Biden, for getting us out of this never-ending hellhole!

Jesse Dorsett, Hemet, Calif.