LETTERS: Tattered flags spur comment

Aug. 23 was the start of a new school year at UTRGV and Texas Southmost College campuses. The parking lots are full, students walking zigzag across campus trying to find their bearings and their classes. The grass is bright green and perfectly manicured, the campus looks beautiful!

However, there is something amiss. beautiful until you look up, that is.

Walking around this majestic campus, getting familiar with the layout, I noticed that every American and Texas flag were greatly ripped, faded and tattered at various locations throughout the campus.

There’s no way I’m the only one who has noticed this.

My initial thought was that this condition was very emblematic of our broken and polarized country at the time.

Another observation I’ve made was that both the American and Texas flags were flying brightly, unripped, untorn and proudly over a local homeimprovement store.

Todd Burnell, Brownsville