LETTERS: Raza wanted on the screen

Am I the only Mexican American who is tired of seeing only Blacks, Whites and Orientals on the TV screen and movies? We are 20% of the national population; plus, we were here in Texas and the Southwest before the Whites, who immigrated from Europe, the Blacks, who were brought here from Africa. Plus, the Orientals also came here to work on the railroads.

Our ladies are the most beautiful ever. Plus, we have our own hair. Plus, we are bilingual.

Sleepy Joe Biden caters to the Blacks only because he thinks he won because of the Black vote. But he’s blind; he doesn’t see that our Raza voted for him since we used the straight “palanca” vote during the last national election.

I will bet anyone that Sleepy Joe will push Kamala Harris as the Democratic Party candidate after he leaves the presidential seat.

Come on, my Raza, let’s get together and nominate a Chicano candidate, because I don’t want an Obama or Biden again, but a Lopez or Garcia or Gonzalez as president.

Viva la Raza!

Ricardo Rosales, Pharr