LETTERS: Against socialism

Efforts to sanitize and embellish the difference between socialism and Democrat socialism abound. The bare truth is that there’s no difference at all between the two.

Socialism by any other name is still socialism. One is as oppressive, work-phobic and authoritarian as the other. They both seek to impose the following levels of control on we the little people: debt forgiveness, poverty, free health care, gun control, welfare dependency, free indoctrinated education,, religion, class warfare, free housing.

Propagandists of socialism push wealth distribution by the government confiscating the achievers’ work-earned wealth, to the work-phobic, young, lazy, idle. They deem themselves taking care of the poor with other people’s money, the working class. They argue that socialism and Democrat socialism are different.

That is called brainwashing indoctrination, which is the core corporate media’s drive to advance socialism in their evil race to destroy the freedoms in America. This way they can assume total control for themselves at the hierarchy’s top, sneering down at us from Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons.

Numerous generations of our American soldiers have lost their lives and shed their patriotic blood to gift us these precious freedoms, which we’re so desperately fighting to preserve now. We will forever and deeply treasure and honor their sacrifices, and not allow ourselves to cave in over “never-enough” materialistic handouts that never seem to appease these increasingly idle, young, able-bodied and entitled “free stuffers.”

There are millions of Americans who have endured extreme poverty and sacrifice, sometimes doing hard work, bordering on slavery. They figured it out and have never caved in to welfare handouts.

A lot of my fellow Hispanics are testament to this truth when you can still see them working out in the fields, restaurants or on construction sites, sweating from sunup to sundown in order to preserve their dignity and their family’s, rather than become beholden to communism or socialism.

Theirs is the true American spirit of courage and dignity that we’re so very proud of and ready to fight for against all odds.

Imelda Coronado, Mission