LETTERS: U.N. wanted in Afghanistan

The United States is the largest and longest-standing supporter of the United Nations, yet it is nowhere to be seen in Afghanistan. Is this not a humanitarian crisis in need of a neutral peacekeeping force, so where is it?

The United Nations could easily send in these peacekeepers to assist with the evacuations and escort Americans and Afghanistan visa holders safely to the airport under the cover of the U.N. flag. The United States needs a neutral force such as these U.N. peacekeepers to create a safe zone so that this exodus of innocent people can leave.

This is another failure of the Biden administration to muster the United Nations into action and if it had been deployed earlier we might not have 13 dead American heroes to bury.

As commander in chief, every soldier’s life is in your hands; the buck stops with you Mr. Biden. You own this and why have you not reached out to the U.N. to act as a buffer to save American lives? Their families deserve an answer.

Jake Longoria, Mission

Editor’s note: The United Nations has no military troops in Afghanistan, but the U.N. High Commission for Refugees has maintained a U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan since 2002 to assist in refugee evacuations, resettlement and other services.