LETTERS: Article addressed

The recent article in The Monitor titled “A good first step” (Aug. 13) should have been written “Better late than ever,” or “It’s about time.”

The Biden administration has been reluctant to address the uncontrolled influx of illegal migrants and the best it can do is send in a third-string administrator like Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas; c’mon man.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been asked by local politicos from city, county, state and federal levels to come here; deafening silence from Biden is all we get.

I guess he is ashamed to own up to the disaster he has created along the border with Mexico and Mayorkas was the fall guy who came to placate to the local leaders, then he goes on to make an astonishing admission on a microphone he thought was off. Mayorkas met privately with Border Patrol agents in Texas and said in leaked audio that the border crisis is “unsustainable” and “we’re going to lose” if “borders are the first line of defense.”

What a difference between the Trump and the Biden administration, and now ask yourself: are we better off today or eight months ago when the border was under control with President Trump? You decide.

Jake Longoria Mission