LETTERS: Questions about Abbott

Abbott + COVID-19 = more deaths.

Why is Mr. Abbott against wearing masks?

Does he understand that more COVID-19 cases means a slower economy, which in turn means less profits for his rich fiends?

Does he still think the pandemic is a hoax?

Is he trying to obey his political donors’ wishes?

Does he think COVID-19 will go away soon?

Does he want to run for president in 2024?

Does he want more wealth inequality for our county?

Does he hate the middle and poor classes?

Does he want the lower classes to die off so there will be fewer Democratic voters for the next election (November 2022)?

Does Mr. Abbott have dementia?

Why doesn’t he listen to medical experts?

How does this anti-mask mandate help the state?

What will be the final COVID-19 death count in one or two years?

Does Mr. Abbott have “PMS-MD” syndrome (political monkey see-monkey do)?

Maybe it’s time for a recall vote or impeachment proceedings against him.

Tomas Cantu, Concepcion